Mercedes Benz Sprinter for Delivery Service in Memphis, Tennessee

When Johnny K. of Memphis, Tennessee gets a call at his thriving delivery business, he is ready to go at a moment’s notice. A large part of this skill derives itself from Johnny’s previous career; fireman for the Memphis Fire Department. In his previous job, Johnny had to be ready to go any time of day and in any possible situation. Although he has moved onto quieter and far less life threatening work, Johnny has carried over this sense of urgency to his new career. While his deliveries may not be life or death matters, they still matter a great deal to the men and women who use his service. During his life as a fireman, Johnny knew that he was only as good as the tools he used. Whether it be an oxygen tank or a simple ax, he needed to know he could count on the tools he used if the citizens could ever hope to count on him. The largest and most important tool he depended on was the fire truck itself. The flaming red engine insured that he and his brothers would make it to each disaster intact and on time, ready to go for whatever they faced. When it came time for Johnny to pick out his first delivery van, Johnny looked for many of the same traits he found in his old fire engine. After a lot of testing and research, Johnny settled on the Mercedes Sprinter series of cargo vans.

From his years on the job, Johnny knew how inaccessible parts of Memphis could be to larger trucks. Fortunately, the Mercedes Sprinter was small and maneuverable enough to handle any road. The interior design, which maximizes space while keeping the total size small, meant that loading and unloading would be a snap.

The Mercedes Sprinter van cargo van was the perfect car for Johnny’s business. By selecting a larger van, Johnny would have enough room to handle those big loads that would support his business. On the other hand, unlike larger trucking rigs, the Mercedes Sprinter handled like a van. Efficient space usage meant that no money would be wasted on the initial price or on excessive fuel consumption. With a much lower asking price than a typical flatbed, Johnny was getting just the right size of van without wasting money on space he wouldn’t need.

Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, Johnny is ready to go. Unlike his days with the fire department, Johnny doesn’t have sirens and flashing lights to lead the way for him anymore. Instead, he has to rely upon the Mercedes Sprinter’s powerful engine and aerodynamic design to get to each delivery drop off on time without any damage to the precious cargo.

From his days as a fireman, Johnny knew the importance of having transportation that was reliable and consistent. The last thing he and his colleagues could afford was to have a out of commission fire truck for days on end. Today, he needs a van that he could count on, so that his clients could count on him. Fortunately, the Mercedes Sprinter has one of the most reliable engines on the market today. The powerful diesel engine offers reliable strength with one of the most fuel efficient mileage rates on the road today. This not only meant fewer stops, but more money to reinvest in his business.

Johnny still helps out at the fire department with their volunteer department, helping to train young firemen and pitch in where he is needed. The first thing he imparts to those fresh to firefighting is the importance of being prepared. It’s a lesson he learned through sweat and hard work, and it’s a lesson he used when he bought his Mercedes Sprinter cargo van.


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