Mercedes Sprinter Van for Band and Equipment in Nashville, Tennessee

Susannah D. of Nashville Tennessee is a woman with a dream. A few years ago she moved to Nashville with only a few dollars in her pockets and dreams of being a country music star. She paid her dues waitressing here and there and playing any open mic that would have her. After a few short months, she was beginning to develop word of mouth in the tight knit community and had even assembled a motley band to back here. Over time, these rowdy men became a second family to her as they traveled the state building their reputation wherever they went. Although their star is rising, the days of private jets and massive stage shows are still a bit out of reach. When it came time for their latest tour, Susannah and her bandmates decided to do their research and find a van that could fit all of their band gear, but still give them space to ride in comfort. Inspiration struck when Susannah started to remember some song lyrics from before her time, lyrics that begged the Lord to bring a Mercedes. With a lot of research and a little musical inspiration, Susannah settled on the Mercedes Sprinter for her and her band.

The first thing Susannah noticed about the Mercedes was the one thing that meant the most to she and her bandmates: space. While she loved her bandmates like brothers, she knew that riding for hours on end with a bunch of rowdy men was not always the most pleasant experience. Fortunately, the Mercedes Sprinter’s design gave each band member a little space to rest, write music, or just think about the open road. In addition to the seating room, the band was thoroughly impressed by the amount of band equipment they could fit into the van. They even had enough space to being along CDs and t-shirts, giving them a little extra money to make ends meet in the slim times they faced.

Beyond space, Susannah was impressed with the way the Mercedes Sprinter van moved on the road. Susannah was no lilting lilly and knew from day one she would be driving as much as (if not more than) the rest of the guys in the van. Despite being small in stature, this larger than life singer was able to drive the Mercedes Sprinter with no special training, unlike some cargo vans on the market.

In the early days of building their reputation, the band relied a great deal on favors and last minute gigs to endear themselves to promoters. To make sure they arrived on time no matter the road conditions, they needed a van that they could count on. Their research began and ended with the Mercedes Sprinter. Susannah was not necessarily a car nut, but she knew the Mercedes name meant quality and consistency through thick and thin.

Now with success firmly in their grasp, there is not talk amongst the band of getting rid of their Mercedes Sprinter van. For Susannah and her bandmates, the van has almost become a sixth member of the van, a mascot for good times and bad. To any beginning singers and musicians she might encounter, Susannah tells them to keep on being true to themselves, and always look for the Mercedes Sprinter name.


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